Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Prom's start this weekend here in Orlando!

We have been busy this last week as our first prom in the Orlando area is THIS weekend, for Winter Park and right behind it is Oviedo Highschool. I heard the rumor was to relieve kids to have time to prepare for the SAT and their final exams, although that again is just hearsay! A lot of our global customers proms do not start until mid May and run through June. It is just hard to believe we already 50% through prom season and yes, we have sold 50% of our dresses if not more! We have one small shipment expected and then that will be it, good thing we are able to still special order in certain dresses still. We do feel that the designers are running out of stock faster than usual so, if you have not gotten your prom dress - best get into the store soon before the good ones are gone.

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