Friday, July 31, 2009

What dresses to pick out?

Someone recently asked me, how do you pick out your dresses or know what to buy? Unfortunately, there is no crystal ball that tells us what will sell really well each season. I have learned over time one of the best things to do, is not buy what I like....but buy what has sold the last season, but with a fresher look. Each part of the country and even state can set fashion trends in your area. So, over in Alabama ball gowns maybe in this year where as here in Orlando, the prints are still hot. It just depends on your area or market. I think the biggest thing we ever did wrong was buy what WE liked, that was quite foolish and in looking back the last few years - that was our biggest loss. No matter what, looking at fashion trends is always fun and going to shows to see the latest styles is always exciting. If you don't love what you do, why do it?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pageant Dresses and kids!

We take the time to really assist our girl's when they are selecting their pageant dresses out. Sometimes I wonder if we are working for the child or the parent? It almost seems critical to make sure the final dress selection is comfortable, the color is right AND the child loves the dress. If that child is not confident in what she is wearing, they are not going to glow on stage. The audience and the judges love watching that child light up the room, that is what they are looking for. So my note to all those moms and grandmother's out there that are out buying a pageant gown for their kid -make sure you follow the below punch list to ensure a win win situation for everyone.

Pageant Tips on selecting a dress!
  1. What is your child's coloring (such as skin tones, hair and eyes)?
  2. Is your child old enough to wear a floor length pageant dress (who wants to see a 2 or 3 year old fall down )?
  3. Does your child have allergies or is sensitive to anything (such as fabrics)? Who wants a child that complains that there dress makes them itch or is uncomfy!
  4. Does the child love the dress as much as you do?
  5. If you have a budget, don't show her the items she can't have!

Your job as the parent is to help guide her towards a dress that displays HER best features and not just select a pageant dress that you love.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Move over!

We had a fabulous day today putting back the prom dresses, quinceanera dresses, ball gowns and homecoming dresses back in their official room! The new flooring was put in over the weekend and it turned out FABULOUS. Our local UPS driver said it looked like the store was now epic, something out of "Beetlejuice". I am not sure if that is a compliment or not, but all of us girls loved it! We wanted to be creative and it definitely screams that! We will have a slew of new short gowns coming for homecoming, winter balls and the upcoming holidays and we are now much better organized to offer more of a selection. Since we are located in Orlando, Florida we have several high schools in are area and want to offer a wide to follow soon!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Let the Light Shine In!

We have been super busy the last two weeks moving things around, changing things and re-inventing our look at the store. I realized last month when I looked around, that I wanted to fall in love with my own store. I wanted to walk in and just be taken away for a moment from the crazy outside world and enjoy every moment I was there. Hoping to share that with our customers, we all sound pitched some fun ideas and that's where it all began. There are many stores and boutiques out there, some are decorated lavish and are simply stunning, but have no deep personality. There are other stores that are thrown together and have a staff that is dry and drab. Whatever the case, I want our customers to know that they are appreciated and welcome the minute they walk through our doors and feel a spark! I am already convinced that I surround myself with fabulous people, so why not surround the store with fabulous things!

More to come, in the mean time...stop in and see us!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dressing your Flower Girl on a budget.

There are many wonderful options to dress your flower girl if you are on a budget. I would consider $75 or less a tighter budget. You can take your simple white or ivory dress and jazz it up with a colorful sash and add a flower jewel to the back of the sash. You would just need to select if you also want an organza overlay or a tulle dress. Also, sashes come in many different fabrics such as matte satin, organza, silk and taffeta. Coordinating your fabrics will be key to make the flower girl dress flow with the rest of the bridal party!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Flower Girl Dress Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Angela Johnson! You won our flower girl dress giveway (just shoot me an email over the next 30 days). You will have to send us a picture of your daughter in your flower girl dress selection!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Christmas Dresses for girls and suits that match!

Many times over, mom goes on the big search to find matching sibling outfits for Christmas. It seems to be a consensus that finding items for boys is much harder than girls! The key to finding great sets that go well together, is to shop early! Another big tip we can share with you, is if you happen to start a little late and are finding it hard to match them up is to get something basic for your son. There are many Christmas dresses for girls that will match with a simple black and white knicker set or mini tuxedo. You can also find boys dress sets in chocolate brown and grey this year.

If your on to a more casual look for your children, I would suggest just a pair of slacks or khaki's for your son and add a colored sweater to the mix (such as hunter green, navy or red). Your daughter's dress does not have to be the same color as the sweater, but just have some accent colors to blend with it and pull it all together (like a sash or tiny embroidery).

Remember, the sooner you start shopping - the more selection you will find!