Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Flower Girl Dresses and Measuring Correctly!

I think the most common mistake when mom's or others measure their child for a flower girl dress, they do not take the length of the child into account. Many times over, I will get a parent on the phone who insists their 8 year old child should be wearing "according to the size charts" a size 2. We look for three key measurements when we assist our customers in our store when we size a child.

*with a soft measuring tape!

1) We look at the measurement around the chest (the nipple line)
2) We measure around the natural waist line ( approx 1.5 inches above the belly button, where it may curve in a little).
3) We measure shoulder to floor, to get an idea of the length of the child.

It is critical that we don't add room with the tape, nor make it snug. We want the actual measurement of the child so, we know exactly what her body type is like.

At times, you will see tall and skinny children.. This is always the case when we have a parent like above that wants to put their child in such a small flower girl dress. They are only taking into account the chest/waist measurement and are forgetting about the length. But, if they don't listen they will find that the dress that they insist on ordering is also "way to short". Formal wear often needs alterations (just like it does for big people). Kids are not built alike so, it can be a challenge to find a flower girl dress right off the rack that fits!

We encourage our customers to call us, so we can help make sure they are sizing correctly prior to ordering...that way they get the best size for their child!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


For Kids Clothing Store
in Orlando

Flower Girl Gifts - Fun Ideas!

So what do you give your flower girl attendants as a gift?

There are many fun things you can do for your flower girl! One of the more popular trends is to give a piece of jewelry or a matching accessory that she can wear with her flower girl dress in your wedding. One of our favorite things to assist the bride with is a cute little tote bag full of goodies that the child can use or play with the weekend of the big event. Sometimes a new set of crayons with coloring books, an art set or make your own jewelry kit will go along way. It also can give the child an activity to do at the rehearsal dinner. Children love being thought of and reminded how special they are to you (after all, that's why they are your flower girls). So, make sure to add the extra touch as you include them in your big day!