Friday, July 22, 2011

Time for changes

So, we have gotten quite the last few months and you may have not have heard from us via the blog. We have managed to keep up with our facebook but, have been trying to figure out ways to improve everything we do. It really hit us this spring that our website was really outdated and not as easy to navigate as we like it to be. So, we have been working almost what seems to be around the clock trying to come up with the very best platform for our customers to use. As of right now we are in the final design stages and then will be shifting inventory over to it. We are crossing our fingers to have it launching late, yes if you have noticed our current website is not up to par. We have been wanting to change it now for several months and finally got the courage to take on what we call our "Little Monster".

Friday, March 25, 2011

Communion Dresses

Are you out an about looking for that perfect communion dress and not finding what you want? At So Sweet Boutique we do offer a fine selection of designer communion dresses and love dressing our little girls that stop in. From time to time, we do get a parent that is on a tighter budget or who want to spend less than $75, which in these tight times we all understand! Due to space and manpower, we are not able to offer discount selections in our storefront BUT we can offer them as internet specials. If we brought them into our store, we would have to mark them up to match our overhead so we love keeping some of our best prices for those on a tighter budget online. So, make sure you look at all of our online selection on Communion Dresses, we are sure you will find something there!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Prom's start this weekend here in Orlando!

We have been busy this last week as our first prom in the Orlando area is THIS weekend, for Winter Park and right behind it is Oviedo Highschool. I heard the rumor was to relieve kids to have time to prepare for the SAT and their final exams, although that again is just hearsay! A lot of our global customers proms do not start until mid May and run through June. It is just hard to believe we already 50% through prom season and yes, we have sold 50% of our dresses if not more! We have one small shipment expected and then that will be it, good thing we are able to still special order in certain dresses still. We do feel that the designers are running out of stock faster than usual so, if you have not gotten your prom dress - best get into the store soon before the good ones are gone.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Pageant Winner!

Thank you Jennifer for all of your help!! We are so proud of Emily and we LOVED her pageant dress!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Being prepared for your Flower Girl!

I just read a fabulous blog about how to make your flower girl happy and we wanted to share this with our readers to, click here to read this awesome article. I strongly agree with this article and have a few suggestions too! I love seeing a childrens table set up, with table snacks, crayons, games and activities to ensure the children are happy! Also, when selecting out your flower girl dresses, keep in mind the length of the dress for the age of the child. having an 18 month in a floor length dress can cause some unwanted tripping issues! Be smart, think ahead and plan!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

2011 Communion Dresses

So, spring by far seems to be the busiest time and March seems to be our busiest month tenfold! We have been excited to see our new 2011 Communion Dresses arrive for our in store collection this spring. We learned last year, we needed to have plenty of fun styles to cater to all body styles and preferences.
The entire store staff seems to really love the Maci's Designs Communion Dress M73915, the bodice is amazing with all the sweet little details. The skirt is full but not too fluffy. This communion dress is for the little fashionista with a flare. Add an organza or satin jacket and a small hair piece and she will be all set!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Flower Girl Dresses - Spring 2011

Yes Yes, love is in the air and it is wedding season time! Still most brides wait last minute to select their flower girl dresses but, yes yes we are ready for them. This year we are thrilled that Jessica Lynn is able to create their dresses on a faster cut basis while our newest dress collection, Maci's keeps a handful in stock. These lavish flower girl dresses create a statement right away for any bridal party and the ew ah affect still happens each time! Jessica Lynn has a LARGE color pallete that she works with and can vision truly breathtaking and unique flower girl dresses when she creates them. We recently hear that they drummed up a junior miss line and I will be the first in line to take a look at it next time we go to market to purchase our new lines. So, bottom line brides...if you want a totally unique look and love fabrics, be sure to check out Jessica Lynn or Maci's on our website for your flower girl dresses!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Have not found your prom dress or still looking?

I just came across a great local article here at the this link if you were still out and about looking for your prom dress. I wanted to make sure I did share it with our Orlando area girls to let you see all the fabulous options that are at your hands. I will summarize it and also let you know my perspective!

1) On a budget, you can thrift store shop, there you will find some fun older styles that are priced at 20% -25% of retail, and be able to try the items on.

2) Department stores have great dresses priced in the mid $100 low $200 range! The only downfall is they purchase their dresses in runs, meaning they purchase maybe 30 of the same dress so, the likely hood of someone having your dress at your school increases.

3) Internet, we actually frown on buying a dress straight off the Internet since there are several knock offs floating around. It is just not a smart choice. We also sell on the Internet, but you can also look at our designers website to make sure we are a legit retailer!

4) Boutique, prices are higher here then anywhere else. The reason is they are designer dresses that are unique with a lot of hand bead work, detail and quality fabrics. You also get service to help you find a dress that fits you better. We offer a prom dress registry so, no 2 dresses alike from our store go to your event. We want you to feel special. Our prices start at $145, most boutique's start around $250

So, if you have not found your perfect prom dress - please keep us in mind!

Monday, February 28, 2011

It is Pageant Season!

Spring is in the air and it is official pageant season, well atleast here in sunny Florida it is. So, what is the latest news for anyone that loves pageant fashion? This year we are learning that the new color is orange, yes - orange! I am suprised that orange actually looks great on most kids! Orange actually is my daughter's favorite color and always has been, it is refreshing after working with so much pink the last few years! Blue ofcourse is a strong runner and there are so many shades this year to choose from. Cobalt blue or royal blue is my personal favorite for a pageant dress, but on the younger girl's we still love sky or china blue. The short dresses are still a favorite for our younger girls and babies while the longer dresses seem to be growing more popular with age 6 and up. We are also seeing a lot of one shoulder pageant dresses on both the shorties and the longs, which can be cute if done right. Pageant dresses are increasing in price due to the increase price of fabric this year, so be prepared for a small jump!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Prom Dresses - Hundreds of Dresses ONE LOCATION!

Get ready Orlando! So Sweet Boutique is hosting a Tiffany Prom Dress trunk show, hundreds of prom dresses in one location for one weekend only. Several samples from Tiffany Designs and Studio 17 have been sent to our store for this fabulous event. We are also still in the middle of our Jovani trunk show and carry several of the latest and hottest trends by one of the most amazing dress designers. Grab a friend, grab your mom and get in while the selection is large and fresh! We open the doors at 11AM on Saturday.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Flower Girl Dresses

We are pleased to announce another new collection this spring of flower girl dresses by Macis Designs. The owner picked out this fabulous collection this last fall when she fell in love with the collection at market. Macis offers a fun and sassy look for flower girls and Macis Designs can also create a natural pageant look. We offer Macis dresses both online and in our storefront near Orlando, Florida.
If your shopping for a fun couture dress for your flower girl, be sure to stop in and look at this collection!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Orlando Prom Dress Store

Prom Dresses are in stock. We have stunning prom dress collections starting at $145. Our 2011prom dress collections started arriving mid November and we now have MANY prom dresses to choose from.

We offer dresses from Sherri Hill, Jovani, La Femme, Flirt, Tiffany, Panoply, Faviana and more. We will have new dresses arriving daily between now and mid-February! Get a jump start for the selection you are dying to see. Our prom dress store is located near Orlando at the intersection of 436/Redbug! Minutes away from downtown and the Disney area.