Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Have not found your prom dress or still looking?

I just came across a great local article here at the this link if you were still out and about looking for your prom dress. I wanted to make sure I did share it with our Orlando area girls to let you see all the fabulous options that are at your hands. I will summarize it and also let you know my perspective!

1) On a budget, you can thrift store shop, there you will find some fun older styles that are priced at 20% -25% of retail, and be able to try the items on.

2) Department stores have great dresses priced in the mid $100 low $200 range! The only downfall is they purchase their dresses in runs, meaning they purchase maybe 30 of the same dress so, the likely hood of someone having your dress at your school increases.

3) Internet, we actually frown on buying a dress straight off the Internet since there are several knock offs floating around. It is just not a smart choice. We also sell on the Internet, but you can also look at our designers website to make sure we are a legit retailer!

4) Boutique, prices are higher here then anywhere else. The reason is they are designer dresses that are unique with a lot of hand bead work, detail and quality fabrics. You also get service to help you find a dress that fits you better. We offer a prom dress registry so, no 2 dresses alike from our store go to your event. We want you to feel special. Our prices start at $145, most boutique's start around $250

So, if you have not found your perfect prom dress - please keep us in mind!

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