Friday, March 04, 2011

Flower Girl Dresses - Spring 2011

Yes Yes, love is in the air and it is wedding season time! Still most brides wait last minute to select their flower girl dresses but, yes yes we are ready for them. This year we are thrilled that Jessica Lynn is able to create their dresses on a faster cut basis while our newest dress collection, Maci's keeps a handful in stock. These lavish flower girl dresses create a statement right away for any bridal party and the ew ah affect still happens each time! Jessica Lynn has a LARGE color pallete that she works with and can vision truly breathtaking and unique flower girl dresses when she creates them. We recently hear that they drummed up a junior miss line and I will be the first in line to take a look at it next time we go to market to purchase our new lines. So, bottom line brides...if you want a totally unique look and love fabrics, be sure to check out Jessica Lynn or Maci's on our website for your flower girl dresses!

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